Chord/Tab song: Child Bride

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Child Bride - ( Capo II C[D]hild Bride You were my [Em]best friend [D]'T...)

Capo II

C[D]hild Bride
You were my [Em]best friend
[D]'Til your dad slapped the living
s[Em]ht out of you
In f[G]ront[G/F#] of me[Em]
And [G]I c[G/F#]ould [Em]see
You l[G]eave [G/F#]your [Em]body
And I knew we were through

[D]Well you let me keep your[Em] Dreamcast
[D] When she picked up and moved you [Em]south
You [D]didn't say And I went one day to
[Em] call on you
And[D] found an empty [Em]house
[G]Ske[G/F#]letor[Em] of the [G]li[G/F#]quor [Em]store
The b[G]ch [G/F#]took you away


[D]Some years later I played in Or[Em]lando
[D]You came out and your hair was box dye[Em] black
[D]You told me all about your new[Em] girlfriend
[D]How she turned you on to [Em]crack
I said, "[G]Man,[G/F#] I can[Em]'t
[G]My [G/F#]heart [Em]would
[G]My [G/F#]heart [Em]would explode"

[D]Slow the years down
[D]Lose your twenties
[G]Loaded all the time

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Chord: Child Bride - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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