About Us

About Us

The guitar has long since been popular with those who are passionate about music. It is rather easy to use and to fit up with every situation.

Most of the guitarists like both playing their own accompaniment and accompanying the others. However, they are sometimes embarrassed about a new musical piece, the one they have never heard before. It is the reason for the birth of the website chords.vip, where a guitarist can find every song though they are old or new.

Moreover, a musical piece on this web is always accompanied with its related information such as its composer(s), its context, the year of birth. Besides, some features such as tone adjustment, auto scrolling, or singers’ tone also help optimize the information and satisfy music lovers’ demands. Therefore, the web is proud of its user-friendliness and effectiveness.

If there are any comments or criticisms, please feel free to contact us by the comment box right after each musical piece or [email protected]. All your opinions are a large source of encouragement, a motivation for bettering the website.

If you have any questions or suggestions about us, do not hesitate to contact me at:

[email protected]