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Signals (1982)

Album: Signals (1982)

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Band- A Perfect Circle Song- Magdalena 0 2 [E5]x x x x 3 5 [G5]x x x x 2 4 [F#5]x x x x 4 6 [G#5]x x x x Gtr I (Db Gb B E Ab Db) - 'Clean' Gtr II (Db Gb B E Ab Db) - 'Distortion (w/heavy reverb and delay)' Gtr III (Db Gb B E Ab Db) - 'Distortion' Intro Moderately Q103 1. 2. [(E5)] [G5] [4/4] Gtr I Q E E H +H +Q. E Q Q E Q E +Q H....