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Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Who i am - Sam ock - ([Bbmaj7]Get [Bm]up, and I get[Gm7] down It's the rhythm of m...)

4 months ago79 Sam ock
[Bbmaj7]Get [Bm]up, and I get[Gm7] down
It's the rhythm of my battle d[Eb]rum
I get [C]up, I get [F7]down
I'mma [D7]struggle 'til the day is[Gm7] done
I get[Fm7] up[Bb7], and I get [Eb]down
It's the [Bb]rhythm of my battle [Eb]drum[Cm7]
I get [F7]up,and I get [Bb]down
Every voice telling[Gm] me that I am thinking wrong
Change ya [G]tune, change ya[F] chord, sing that other [Eb]song
Little brother turned [Bb7]into an [G7]insecure[Bb] man
Any type of [Eb]criticism make me into "lesser than"
[Bb7]Never believed I could be right or be me
[Eb7]What is me? [Bb7]They just tell me what I'm s'pposed to be
[Bb7]Gotta be a brand, but I never really owned it for myself
Now I'm nebulous, I'm [C]tired of it, this stress my mental[Eb] health
See my chaos and I [D]know I gotta speak into it
[Gm7]I see my apathy I know I gotta battle ruthless
[Eb7]I know my father look at[C] me and he is well pleased
[F]The problem is that I ain't good enough for me
[Gm7]I know the [Fm7]best thing [Bb]for me is [Eb]you
I know the [Bb]pain will show the truth[Cm7]
Maybe [F]I am beautiful[Bb] to you
I just[B7] want to [Gm7]be myself (be myself)
[Eb]I just[C7] want to [F7]be my[Bb]self[Gm7] today[Gm7]
Wanna[Fm7] know just[Bb7] who I[Eb] am (wanna know you)[Bb]
[Eb]I need you[Cm] to[F] help me under[Bb]stand (say)
Who I [Bbmaj7]am, [Bm7](eh) is[Gm7] beloveth (eh)
Who I[Eb] am is[C] more than what [F7]I've done (so much [D7]more)
Who I [Gm7]am, (yeah) is [Fm7]worthy [Bb7]of some [Eb]lovin (yes [Bb]I'm loving)
[Eb]Who I am [C]has really just [Eb]begun (this is honest)
Who I [Bbmaj7]am[Dm] is a[Gm] treasure (eh, the treasure now)
[Eb]Who I am, (who I am)[C] is royalty[F] in blood [D](royalty)
Who I [Gm]am, (who?) is a [Fm7]warrior [Bb]for the[Eb] kingdom [Bb](that's why I forgive)
[Eb]Who I[Cm7] am[F] has really just [Bb]begun (yeah)
Nobody will know that I'm [F]speaking of my sweat and blood
[Fm]Only hear they talk of blessings coming down above
[Eb]When my praises[C] go up the blessing come down
[Bb]But my blessing is to [D7]keep me low to the ground
The[Gm] blessing is needing more [Bb]love than I ever knew
[Eb]The blessing is [Bb]knowing there's nothing I can really do
[Eb]The blessing is[F] pain, adversity, my own addiction
[Bb]Cause if I didn't cry in need then would I really listen?
The blessing is [D7]losing illusion of my control
[Gm7]The blessing is being betrayed and you bleed [C]slow
The blessing is to feel the discipline of better[Eb] love
There's better love than self [G]love, lovin' from the one[Gm]
The only one who can [F]take all this[Eb] craziness
The only father good enough for all the fatherless
I know that my [F7]pain it clarifies the truth[Bb]
That maybe I am beautiful to you
I just [G7]want to [Gm7]be myself
[Eb]I just[C] want to [F7]be my[D]self[Gm7] today
Wanna [Fm7]know [Bb7]just who I[Eb] am[Bb]
[Eb]I need you to [F]help me [Bb]understand
Who I am [Gm]is beloveth
Who I[Eb] am is[C7] more than what [Eb7]I've done[D7]
Who I [Gm7]am, is[Fm7] worthy[Bb7] of some [Eb]lovin'[Bb]
[Eb]Who I am [C7]has really just[F] begun (just begun)
Who I [Bb]am, [Dm7](who[Gm7] is a treasure (so precious)
Who I[Eb] am, (who you are) is[C] royalty in [F]blood [D7](right in my vains)
Who I[Gm7] am, (who I am) is a [Fm7]warrior[Bb] for the[Eb] kingdom [Bb](so get up again)
[Eb]Who I [Cm7]am [F]has really just [Bb]begun (yeah)
[Eb] am [Cm]has [F]really just[Bb] begun eh
[Eb]Who I am has really just [Bb]begun yeah

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