Chord/Tab song: Tangled in the Great Escape - Pierce the Veil

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Tangled in the Great Escape - Pierce the Veil - ( [Em]Don't you say you had a part of it [D]guess we'll nev...)

[Em]Don't you say you had a part of it
[D]guess we'll never know
[Em]Oh would you say that had a part of it
[D]Well I guess we'll never k[G]now[Em]

Constant recovery
I see you choke [D]and it takes my breath away[G]
[Em]But all is good, we close our eyes[D]
They all accept the lie[A]
[C]So bury wha[G]t you are out[Am]side[Em]
Brother, promise you won't leave[D] me[G][C]

[Em]I know you're tortured within[C]
Your eyes look hungry a[Em]gain[C]
But I'll never wan[A]der, my friend[C]

[E]And so I scream, "Mayda[Em]y, I'm in trouble, send somebody o[D]n the double."[G][D][Am]
Scratching at the[C] floor inside my mind[G][D]
They all acce[G]pt the lie[Em]
So bury what [G]you are outs[Am]ide[Em]
Brother, please don't be afraid of.[Am]..

[Em]I know you're tortured within[C]
[Em]Your eye[C]s look hungry again
But I'[A]ll never wander, m[C]y friend

I let you[A] down
And I started to run[G][C]
[Em]Never m[F]eant to be y[G]our pain[A]
[G]What have I become?
[C]Show me and s[Em]how me the way back[Am]
[F]Show me the way back home[Am][C]

I kn[G]ow yo[C]u're tortur[E]ed wi[Am]thin[C]
Your eyes look hungry a[Em]gai[A]n[Am][C]
But I'[Am]ll never wa[A]nder, my friend[C]
No, I'll ne[G]ver wand[Am]er [A]agai[C]n
[Em]I know what I want,
[C]But it's not what I need
[E]Can I just have one more taste
Just to make it through the day[Em]
[G]You're tangled in
[Am]You're[A] tangled in the grea[G]t esca[Em]pe
[G]Great es[Em]cape, oh

[E]I never meant to hurt nobody, no n[Am]o, ye[C]ah
[E]I [Am]never meant to hurt you, no no no no[C]
[Em]I only meant to do this to myself, to myse[C]lf, to mys[Em]elf[Am][C]
[Em]Great escape
[C]Great escape
Great esc[E]ape
[Am]Oh, g[C]reat escape
[A]Let me out of this,[C] yeah (x2)

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Chord: Tangled in the Great Escape - Pierce the Veil - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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