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Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Lonelier Than This - Steve Earle - ( This is Steve Earle's Lonelier Than This from the album T...)

This is Steve Earle's Lonelier Than This from the album
Transcendental Blues. It's a great song all around and a
lot of fun to fingerpick.

These chord fingerings may be new to you (depending on how
long you've been playing) but they are incredibly useful.
One nice thing about this song is that you can keep your
pinkie anchored on the third fret of the high-E string the
entire song (excepting the Em chord section), making the
chord changes easier.

Standard tuning, capo at 4th fret.


------ You'll want to use this fingering for G.

-2---- If it's awkward for you, this song would be great
3----4 way to practice it.

C (basically)

----1- This chord is why you want to use the fingering
--2--- shown above. In this song, hammer on with the
3----4 1 and 2 fingers when you transition to this chord.


----1- Use your thumb to fret the low-E string. I know

---2-- that can be a challenge sometimes, but it's pretty
T----4 easy here.

Pick the notes on the low-E, A and D string with your thumb,
the G string with index finger, B string with middle finger,
high-E with ring finger.

Listen to the song for the timing, but it might also help
to remember the thumb plays steady quarter notes throughout.

G (twice for intro)




It doesn't get... I believe...


(2h)-2------2------2------2--| Note1

break... Tonight I

G (first time) Dm


prayed... wake

G (second time) Em Note2


Note 1: Hammer on the C chord shape with both index and
middle fingers even though you won't pluck the note fretted
by the middle finger; that note will still ring out.

Note 2: Strum the Em chord.

Steve plays a little interlude between the second and third
verse which I now realize I never worked out. Here's what
I've been playing between those verses. You can use this,
come up with your own, or work out what Steve plays. Or
leave this section out and just go directly from verse 2 to
verse 3.


(3 times)


General notes: I just watched a video of Steve playing this
song live and noticed a couple of things. He actually
fretted the Dm/F# chord without using his thumb. Also, I
think he used only his thumb and index finger to fingerpick
the entire song.

I hope you find this useful. I'm sure there are parts I
didn't transcribe perfectly, but it should be fairly close.
Good luck and have fun.

If you have any comments, improvements, suggestions, etc.,
please e-mail me at

Lonelier Than This
Steve Earle
Transcendental Blues

It doesn't get any lonelier than this
I believe my heart'll break
Tonight I prayed I'd die before I wake
With every breath I'm tastin' your kiss
And it's sweet upon my tongue
Until the bitter tears fall one by one

It doesn't get any lonelier than this
'cause I'm on this road alone
My hearbeat ringin' like a hollow drum
I'm about as lonesome as a poor boy gets
And there's nothin' I can do
'cause it's dark out here and I can't find you
It doesn't get any lonelier than this

It doesn't get any lonelier than this
I'm as blue as blue can be
Just an empty place where your love should be
I'm sick and tired of walkin' round like this
With my heart outside my skin
Scared to death we'll never touch again

It doesn't get any lonelier than this
And there's no place I can go
Just the dusty corners that the shadows know
Maybe this is as good as it's gonna get
And I'll always be this way
I'll just wander this world callin' out your name
It doesn't get any lonelier than this

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