Chord/Tab song: Honey - Best Coast

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Honey - Best Coast - ( It's basically just: [Em]D [C]Em C Am x24352 (but the Em ...)

It's basically just:
[Em]D [C]Em C Am x24352
(but the Em after the 'oohs' could quite easily be an Am instead!)
hope it's alright!, this is my first one of these...

[Em]Hon[C]ey, you're so [Em]fin[C]e, I wanna [Em]be with y[C]ou all of the [Em]tim[C]e
[D]Ooh, I couldn't tell [Em]you just how much, I love [C]you[Am]
[D]Ooh, But now that you're mine I'll [Em]tell you all the time[C][Am]
[Em]Hon[C]ey, you're so [Em]swe[C]et, I wanna be with yo[Em]u every w[C]eek[Em][C]
[D](Ooh) [Em]I couldn't tell you just how m[C]uch, [Am]I loved you
[D](Ooh) but [Em]now that you're mine, I'll tell y[C]ou all th[Am]e time
[Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey,
[D](Ooh) [Em]You're so good to me when you'[C]re aw[Am]ay
[D](Ooh) [Em]But when you get home you don'[C]t hav[Am]e much to say
[D](Ooh) [Em]I doesn't matter to me, no way[C][Am]
[D](Ooh) [Em]All I want is for you to stay[C][Am]
[Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]ey, [Em]Hon[C]eyyyy

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Chord: Honey - Best Coast - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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