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TrashCanSinatras: Maybe I Should Drive
Put a capo on the first fret, and pretend playing the chords listed:

Intro: D G A D
[D]I'm on a B road heading for the sea
[Em]To see if hands across the ocean
Shake or w[A]ave[D]
[D]Through the whiplash of the windscreen wipers
[Em]I can see for miles
But all I do is watch the t[A]ime
And the driver's ha[D]nds

He harbours thoughts on personal grief

I said your hardship's

Only one of a fleet

That didn't go down well

L[D]isten son if y[A]ou'd spent
Your l[Bm]ife in the last lane
Y[A]ou would have an a[Em]ccent to g[D]rind[A]
P[D]unch-drunk on p[A]atriotism
B[Bm]lind-drunk on borderism
Ma[A]ybe I should dri[D]ve[G][A][D]

A[D]nd while you're castaway

The mice'll play
T[Em]hey'll have a license
To dull those left back h[A]ome
What about those poor so[D]uls?


And as I j[Em]umped t[D]o these conclusions
He th[Em]umped his fe[D]et on the brakes
But we st[A]ill hit a songwriter
Trudging through the rain[D][G][D][G][Em][G][D]

Sc[A]rambled out and watched him

Rest in pieces
S[Bm]aid a prayer and rifled
Through his po[E]ckets

But the side of his mouth
Still had something to s[A]ay
At the t[D]oss of a coin
I end up h[G]ead in the dirt
And tail in the a[A]ir
Yet you can dance aw[D]ay
But b[G]e it friend of hard-up-m[Am]an

46ellow or kin
When the ch[D]ips are down
They're down for g[G]ood


Gunnar O. Haereid "Call, collect and gather me,
take me intravenously."


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Hợp âm: Maybe I Should Drive - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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