Chord/Tab song: Baby Grand - Billy Joel

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Baby Grand - Billy Joel - ( Baby Grand G[Bb7-Bm7]m7, Bb/C [Bbm7][F/A][Abm7] [F]Late...)

Baby Grand

G[Bb7-Bm7]m7, Bb/C [Bbm7][F/A][Abm7]

[F]Late at night
When it's dark and cold
[Cm/Eb] I reach out
[D7] [C/E] For some[D/F#]one to ho[D]ld

[Gm] When I'm blue
[D/F#] When I'm lonely
[Gm/F] She comes through
[E7] She's th[E7/Ab]e only one w[Am7]ho can
[D7] My baby gra[Gm7]nd
C7 Aaug D7 Gm7 C7
Is all I need

[F]In my time
I've wandered everywhere
[Cm/Eb] Around this world
[D7] [C/E] She would[D/F#] always [D]be t[Gm]here

[Gm] Any day
[D/F#] Any hour
[Gm/F] All it takes
[E7] Is the [E7/Ab]power in [Am7]my hands
[D7] This b[Gm7]aby grand's
[C7] Been good [F]to m[D7]e[Gm7][C7]

[F]I've had friends
But they've slipped away
[Cm/Eb] I've had fame
[D7] [C/E] But it d[D/F#]oesn't s[D]tay

[Gm] I've made fortunes
[D/F#] Spent them fast enough
[Gm/F] As for women
[E7] They don't[E7/Ab] last wit[Am7]h just one man
[D7] But baby g[Gm7]rand
[C7] Will stand [F]by me[Bbm7]

[F] [Em7] [A7] O[Dm]h they say, no one's gonna play th[Em7]is on the ra[A7]dio
[Dm] They said that melancholy blues were dead and go[Gm7]ne[F7]
[Bb] But only songs like these, pl[Bm7]ayed in m[E7]inor keys
[Am7] Keep those [Ab7]memories holding[Gm7] on[C7]

[F]I've come far
From the life I've strayed in
[Cm/Eb] And I've got the scars
[D7] [C/E]From those dives [D/F#]I've pl[D]ayed in

[Gm] Now I'm home
[D/F#] And I'm weary
[Gm/F] And in my bones
[E7] Every dre[E7/Ab]ary one nig[Am7]ht stand
[D7] But baby gran[Gm7]d
[C7] Came home with me[A7][D7]

Ever sin[C/E]ce this [D/F#]gig be[Gm7]gan
My baby gra[C7]nd's
Been good to me[Bm7][Bb7][F/A][Ab7][Gm7][F#][F]

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Chord: Baby Grand - Billy Joel - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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