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3 years ago452 Desperado (1973) Eagles



[G]Seems like a d[Em]ream now, it was [C]so long ago
The [D7]moon burned so bright and the [C]time went so [D]slow
And I [G]swore that I [Em]loved her and [C]gave her a ring
The [D]bluebird was high on the [G]wing
[C]Whatever h[G]appened to [C]Saturday [G]night?
[C]Finding a [G]sweetheart and holding her [D7]tight?
She said, [C]"Tell me, oh, [G]tell me, [D]was I all [G]right?"
[C]Whatever [G]happened to [D]Saturday [G]night?
The [G]years brought the [Em]railroad, it [C]ran by my door
Now there's [D7]boards on the windows, and [C]dust on the [D]floor
And she [G]passes the [Em]time at an[C]other man's side
And [D]I pass the time with my [G]pride
[C]What a tangled [G]web we weave
Go '[C]round with circums[G]tance
[C]Someone show me [G]how to [Em]tell the [C]dancer[D7]
From the [G]dance
[C]What ever [G]happened to [C]Saturday [G]night?
[C]Choosing a [G]friend and loosing a [D7]fight
She said, "[C]Tell me, oh, [G]tell me, [C]are you all [G]right?"
[C]Whatever [G]happened to [D]Saturday [Em]night?
[C]Whatever [G]happened to [D]Saturday [G]night?

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