Chord/Tab song: Who Told You - The Reindeer Section

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~ Who Told You ~


Intro: C

It [A]all makes sense now [Bm]I've calmed down
I should have [A]seen it coming from miles down the roa[Bm]d
But [A]at the time we n[Bm]ever think
That it [A]might've been ourselves to blame at al[Bm]l

[A]You shudder and [Bm]beat your chest
But you'll [A]never warm yourself up believe m[Bm]e
[A]Where were you? I'd m[Bm]ade it through
But only [A]god can judge me now, I hope he's i[Bm]n

Why do h[C]earts break
When we are [Bm]on our own
Just when you [D]need to pump the l[C]ife back in yourself?[Bm]
And why do [C]earthquakes
Happen m[Bm]iles away
When I only w[D]ant the open gr[C]ound to swallow me?[Bm]

[A]Who told you I'd [Bm]not come through
Before [A]I could speak to you in my defence?[Bm]
[A]Who made you the [Bm]righteous one
When I'd [A]only turned around for half an hou[Bm]r?

Why do [C]chalk lines
Tell an [Bm]empty tale
And surely it's [D]bad enough to [C]end up on the floor?[Bm]
And you can sc[C]ratch your chin
I think you u[Bm]nderstand
But how can you [D]know what's going [C]on inside my he[Bm]ad?
Maybe I'm b[D]etter off al[C]ive and in my bed[Bm]

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Chord: Who Told You - The Reindeer Section - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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