Chord/Tab song: Nothing - Tim Vantol

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Nothing - Tim Vantol


Tabbed by: genghistron
Email: a4paterson at gmail dot com

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Tuning: Standard, Capo at 3rd fret

Intro Riff


Intro Chords
Listen to the song for strumming patterns.

Em C G D (sus4 - pinky hammer on e)

We can [Em]send our troops together
for recons[C]truction of a town
We can t[G]ry to catch the water
but what if the [D]water will catch them
would they[Em] tell us the whole story
about the [C]loss of the youngest ones
will they [G]keep their promise[D], salvation will come[C].

Nothing is what it s[G]eems, i[D]s what it s[Em]eems
no [C]nothing is what it s[Em]eems

[Em] [C] [G] [D(sus4)]

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Chord: Nothing - Tim Vantol - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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