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Lemon Jelly

Lemon Jelly
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Lemon Jelly is a British electronic music duo from London, formed in 1998. Since their inception, the band’s line-up has included Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen. Lemon Jelly has been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and BRIT Awards. Deakin and Franglen briefly met in North London as teenagers and became friends before going their separate ways. Deakin became a DJ and co-founded Airside studios and Franglen became a studio programmer, before the two became reacquainted in 1998. Lemon Jelly released three critically acclaimed EPs in 1998, 1999, and 2000, which secured them a record deal with XL Recordings in 2000. The band subsequently released three full-length albums before going on hiatus in 2008.

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Lost Horizons (2002)
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