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Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Raisins - Barenaked Ladies - ( Snacktime (2008) Raisins [C]Raisins [D]come from [G]Grap...)

Snacktime (2008)

[C]Raisins [D]come from [G]Grapes
[G]People come from [C]Apes
[D]I come from [G]Canada
[C]I came [D]in first [G]place
[G]In a non existent [C]race
To [D]rebuild the [G]Parthenon

The [C]Parthe[D]non's in [G]Greece
[G]Or was it in Grease [C]2
I [D]can't keep my [G]movies straight
[C]When I [D]make mis[G]takes
I [G]use a lot of [C]salt
Cause [D]salt makes m'[G]steaks taste great

[C]I don't [G]want to [Am]be a [C]bother
[C]But I [D]think the [G]phone's for [D]you

whistle solo:
C D G G C D G x2

[C]I've got [D]orange [G]pants
I [G]wear them when I [C]dance
But [D]I don't get [G]out that much
[C]You are [D]just too [G]loud
I [G]passed you in a [C]crowd
[D]Thank you and [G]keep in touch

[C]I don't [D]speak Chi[G]nese
Not [G]even words like "[C]please"
"[D]Thank you", or "[G]how are you?"
But [C]I can [D]parle Fran[G]cais
I [G]parled a bit [C]today
It [D]seemed like the [G]thing to do

[C]I don't [G]want to [Am]be a [C]bother
[C]But I [D]think you're [G]in my [D]seat

whistle solo:
C D G G C D G x2

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Hợp âm: Raisins - Barenaked Ladies - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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