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a year ago717 Ward Thomas
Capo 4
[G]Late morning, [Em]sun in your [Am]hair on the [D]shoulder of the highway
[G]Just one breath, [Em]from running [Am]scared 'Cause no one [D]taught me how to stay
And [B7]I said "maybe [Em]I should be alone" [B7]You wrapped me [Em]up and drove me home
With [Am]you, it's safe With [D]you, I changed
[Am]I'm finally brave enough [D]to be loved by [G]you
[G]Dark shadows, [Em]deep in my [Am]mind Hiding [D]fears that I'm unworthy
[G]Replaying [Em]the pain 'til [Am]I Hurt my[D]self before you hurt me
And [B7]I say "you'd be [Em]better off alone" [B7]You hold me [Em]close and let me know
You're [Am]not afraid You're [D]here to stay
Rem[Am]ind me I deserve [D]to be loved by [F]you
Your quiet light, your heart of [C]gold Showing up everywhere you [G]go
Make it a blessing just to know [D]you
[G]Late morning, [Em]sun in your [Am]hair On the [D]shoulder of the farm road
[G]Hand in hand, [Em]and I'm not [Am]scared To be [D]planning our tomorrow
[B7]I say "I can't [Em]wait to see it grow" [B7]We laugh and [Em]walk each other home
With [Am]you, it's safe This [D]life we've made
I'm [Am]forever lucky [D]to be loved by [G]you

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Hợp âm: Loved By You - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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