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[Em]Sunlight and the c[B7]ity [Bm7]is barely[E] awake
As all the e[Am]arly morning d[Cmaj7]rifters make their [Em]way
[Em]Headlights in the d[B7]istanc[Bm7]e too bright for m[E]y eyes
Still I love the d[Am]usk, the dawn, be[Cmaj7]tween times
They are m[Em]ine [E]

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?Cos you can't tell i[C]f it's da[D]y or n[G]ight
Do we see th[C]e moon o[D]r the sun[G]light?
[G]Everything around is s[C]o tran[D]sitio[Em]nal
Momenta[C]ry lapse[D] of ra[Em]tional [E]
[E]Walking past the [Am]writing on the [Em]wall
Something a[Am]pocalypt[Em]ic
Then a moment[Am]ary lapse of [Em]faith
Before I be[Am]come more optimi[Em]stic [E]

Like a momen[C]tary l[D]oss of [G]sight
Fleetingly [C]it went [D]so wrong fr[G]om right
[G]In a second it can cha[C]nge from n[D]ight to d[Em]ay
[G]Any second l[C]ove can t[D]urn to h[G]ate

Sunlight and the city is barely awake
As all the seconds in our lifetime drift away
So live every moment and hold me so tight
A second changes day to night

I had a momentary loss of sight
Fleetingly it went so wrong from right
In a second you would change your point of view
In my hesitation I lost you

It only takes a moment sometimes
The difference between joy and pain
In a second you can look away
Turn around to find it's all changed

Because you can't tell if it's day or night
Do we see the moon or the sunlight?
Everything around is so transitional
Momentary loss of rational

Like a momentary loss of sight
Fleetingly it went from dark to light
In a second it can change from night to day
But in a moment hope will find the way

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Hợp âm: In a Moment - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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