Hợp âm - tab: Feed Me - cảm âm - lời bài hát

Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Feed Me - ( intro em9 - C maj7 em7 Don't close the shades I'm scared...)

intro em9 - C maj7

Don't close the shades
I'm scared of the d[C]ar[maj7]kness
bm7 em7
I'm cold as a razor blade
Inches from m[A7sus]adness[A7]
[B7]Don't let me sleep here
[D]They're all trying to kill me
[Am6]I've seen the walls moving
[B7]They've all heard me screaming, screaming

Feed me
Feed my needs and then just l[A7sus]eave me
[A7]Let me go back where you fou[D7sus]nd me[D7]
`Cause I miss my basement
The sweet smell of new paint
[A7sus]The warmth and the comforts of [A7]home
[B7]So feed me
Give me my treatment and [D]free me
My arms are so [A7sus]hungry[A7] so[D] f[C]eed me[G]

em9- C maj7

The room's so distorted
And filled with ma[Cmaj7]d shadows
bm7 em7
I feel like a carcass
White like a [A7sus]marrow b[A7]one

[B7]It all seems so long ago
[D]I remember them laughing
[Am6]I heard the ambulance scream
[B7]I saw the red light flashing, flashing

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Hợp âm: Feed Me - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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