Chord/Tab song: Crickets - Creeper

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Crickets - Creeper - ( [Intro] [G] [Em] [Am] [C] [G] [Verse] [G]Baby I'm sorry ...)

[G] [Em] [Am] [C] [G]
[G]Baby I'm sorry to call you so late,
[Em]Oh I forget I can't call you that name.
[Am]Still make those slips all of the [C]time,
Don't know when I'll get[G] better.

[G]I think to the night that you handed me back,
[Em]Records we shared and the life that we had.
[Am]You said in that condescending t[C]one,
I'll never for[G]get you.

[D]She's in your j[C]eans,
But I [G]don't care.
[D] You were my dr[C]eam.
Now my [G]nightmare.

At your [G]sisters' wedding I gave all that I had,
Your [Em]father was cold and your mother was sad.
I t[Am]hought to myself they were like[C] you and I,
When we [G]last met.

My [G]love is a nail I can't pull out with plyers,
The l[Em]overs I've had have been gaslighting liars.
Don[Am]'t know what that says abo[C]ut me,
But I just give [G]in.

I mean it now it's making me ill.

[D]She's in your j[C]eans,
But I [G]don't care.
[D] You were my dr[C]eam.
Now my [G]nightmare.

[Am] So call me [C]when, you break [G]up.
As you always [Am]do,
I can't promise [C]I will pick[G] up,
I'm done with you.

[D]She's in your j[C]eans,
But I [G]don't care.
[D] You were my dr[C]eam.
Now my [G]nightmare.


between the G and Em in the chorus, play F# (second fret E)

between the Em and Am I think it's:
[Em] [Am]

E|-0--------------------------------| the change between Am and C is also similar

and between C and G it's: (or something similar)
[C] [G]


Big thanks to Ben Stanswood in the Creeper Cult facebook group!

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Chord: Crickets - Creeper - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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