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Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Without You - Mest - ( MEST - WITHOUT YOU Alright, this is my first tab, so be ...)


Alright, this is my first tab, so be nice.

Because I [C]warned you I told you I'd [F]be
Better without you b[Am]ut you d[G]idn't care
You t[C]old me I'll go nowhere
[F]If I didn't have you [Am]but wh[G]ere are you now
[C]I haven't seen you around
[F]You're nowhere to be found
[Am]I wonder what hap[G]pened to you
[C]All the insecurities b[F]uilt inside of you[Am]
Must have ju[G]st blown up

F, G x 2

[C]Thoughts of happiness only w[Am]hen you reminisce
'Cause n[F]ow that things are bad
You t[G]hink of what you could have had
Think [C]of the years they spent with no [Am]money for the rent
From the [F]bottom to the top
They stuck [G]to their guns they'll never stop


F, G

Now e[C]veryone has changed
But s[Am]omehow you stayed the same
Life [F]lessons have been learned
Your [G]past came back and you got burned
What you've [C]done you try to hide
It's time [Am]to swallow your pride
You'll never [F]change that I can see
When you [G]said "at least they're making money from me"

[F]...and I wonder where you [G]are sometimes
[F]...and I wonder where you a[G]re right n[C]ow

SOLO (play chorus during solo)


End on C

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Chord: Without You - Mest - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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