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Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Tecumseh Valley - ( The name she [C]gave was Carolin[C]e[F][C] Daughter of a ...)

The name she [C]gave was Carolin[C]e[F][C]
Daughter of a mi[F]ner[F][C][C]
And her ways were free a[F]nd it seem[F]ed to me[Em][Am]
The sunshine wal[G]ked beside h[G]er[F][F][C][C]
She came from [C]Spencer across t[C]he [F]hill[C]
She said her Pa [F]had sent[F] her[C][C]
'Cause the coal was low [F]and soon t[F]he snow[Em][Am]
Would turn the s[G]kies to wint[G]er[F][F][C][C]
She said she'd [C]come to look [C]for [F]work[C]
She was not seek[F]ing favo[F]r[C][C]
For a dime a day and a p[F]lace to st[F]ay[Em][Am]
She turned those[G] hands to la[G]bor[F][F][C][C]
But the times [C]were hard, Lord, [C]and the j[F]obs were [C]few
All through Tecums[F]eh Valle[F]y[C][C]
She'd ask around, and a [F]job she fo[F]und[Em][Am]
Tendin' bar at G[G]ypsy Sally's[G][F][F][C][C]
She saved [C]enough to get [C]back [F]home[C]
And spring replaced [F]the wint[F]er[C][C]
But her dreams were deni[F]ed, her Pa[F] had died[Em][Am]
The word come do[G]wn from Spen[G]cer[F][F][C][C]
So she turned to [C]whorin' out on [C]the [F]streets[C]
With all the lust i[F]nside he[F]r[C][C]
And it was many a man re[F]turned aga[F]in[Em][Am]
To lay himself b[G]eside her[G][F][F][C][C]
They found her [C]down beneath [C]the [F]stairs[C]
That led to Gyps[F]y Sally'[F]s[C][C]
And in her hand when she[F] died was [F]a note that [Em]cried[Am]
"Fare thee well,[G] Tecumseh Va[G]lley".[F][F][C][C]

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Hợp âm: Tecumseh Valley - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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