Chord/Tab song: I Was - Neal McCoy

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: I Was - Neal McCoy - ( Songwriters: Charlie Black/Phil Vassar Trascribed by: KCC...)

Songwriters: Charlie Black/Phil Vassar
Trascribed by: (Casey Cummins)

This is a great new song for Neal. Its a blast to play and sing. I hope
y'all enjoy it as much as I have. Enjoy!

"I was"
Neal McCoy

Intro: GCF, GCF

[G]I drove up from a rivertown[C], it was late Septemb[F]er early October.[C]
[G] [C] [F]
[C]Thought maybe I could clear my mind and see the leaves turn red.
[G]The tunes up and the windows down[C]
On the skyline [F]drive when she flagged me over[C]
[G]"Hallelujah what a beautiful mo[C]rning"
Where the first w[F]ords that she said[C]
[A]Her eyes were blue as t[F]he sky on a per[C]fect blue ridge day[F]
[A]She said, "I could use a lif[F]t if you'r[C]e going my way," and......[F]..

[A]I was[Asus4]............ I was heade[A]d south, I was headed out[F]
headed nowhere or [C]anywhere we want[F]ed to go[C][G]
The road [A]str[F]etched out in [C]front of us[F]
And she was ready to r[C]un it just like I w[F]as.[A]

[G]Told me she was twenty two[C]
and she'd just br[F]oken out of William and Mar[C]y
[G] [C][F]
[C]Another summer under daddy's roof was all that she could do
[G]Her boyfriend, she cut him[C] loose
Too cold [F]for a wedding in January[C]
[G]She said, "thats enough abou[C]t me now tell me about you"[F][C]
I[A] rambled on a[F]bout broken hea[C]rts and staying too long[F]
[A]She said, "Im sorry, b[F]ut you were right to move on[C]" and.......[F]

(repeat chorus)

[A]Aint it funny how e[F]verything hinges[C] on a twist of fate[F]
[A]She held my hand and[F] said "Arent you amaz[C]ed" and......[F]

(repeat chorus)

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Chord: I Was - Neal McCoy - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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