Chord/Tab song: Holly Tree

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Holly Tree - ( INTRO: Am When the robin builds in the [F]holly tree It'...)


When the robin builds in the [F]holly tree
It's a [Am]sign of life, its gentle [F]victory
Well, to[C]day as I set to [Dm]go
I saw a [C]nest in a tree holl[F]ow

Oh [Am]Emily, you're a [F]brave girl
With your [Am]husband gone to the [F]other world
Sing a [C]song while I light the [Dm]fire
We'll be [C]joined by a spiritual [F]choir

Here's the tansy and the chamomile
A [Dm]tea for you to drink
[F]As the pain increases, oh
You [Dm]only have to think
About a [Em]baby, we'll save the baby

I placed a [Am]holly sprig by the [F]doctor's door
He has [Am]done this well and many [F]times before
He'll be [C]careful which way he [Dm]goes
But he's been [C]kind to us farm wid[F]ows

And [Am]this I heard, just the [F]other day
That they [Am]came to buy, and you [F]chose to stay
Soon a [C]child will help you reap and [Dm]sow
May he [C]cast a long shad[F]ow

But you say the trials are coming
You have [Dm]felt the gathering forces
And the [F]galloping you hear
Is of [Dm]one too many horses

But [F]rest your head my darling girl
There [Dm]won't be any danger
[F]Any person ever loved
An [Dm]infant in a manger
Saves the [Em]baby, save the baby


Now the pastor comes, shakes the [F]farmer's hand
Says, ?The [Am]earth will bear, like the [F]promised land
You have [C]heard the stories down be[Dm]low
But nature will [C]bless this farm holl[F]ow.?[Dm][Am][C]

Now the [F]farmer's wife shudders
Pulls the [Dm]shawl up to her shoulder
[F]Every time she nears the hearth
She [Dm]feels a little colder
Where's the [Em]baby? There was a baby

OUTRO: Am F Am F C Dm C F Am

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Chord: Holly Tree - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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