Chord/Tab song: Dancing the Collapse - Lagwagon

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Dancing the Collapse - Lagwagon - ( -------------------------------------------------------...)

2 years ago340 Blaze (2003) Lagwagon

Lagwagon - Dancing the Collapse


Tabbed by: Shankelstoff

Tuning: Standard

Notes: The chords within the parenthesis are not mandatory. If you think
they're difficult to play, you don't have to as it sounds
good without them as well. Anyway, I hope you like the tab :)

[C]Al[-]re[G]ad[-]y [A]he[-]re[F] now, already done
combine and collapse. dancing with none
white is for "so dumb" blue is for "numb"

[C]yellow the [G]streaks on their backs. [E]they all [F]step in [G]line

I'm just a rug[A]..[D]. [G]under the foot prints of [C]strangers
[A]all I[D] need, all I [G]kno[(F]w[G)]

[C]th[-]is[G] o[-]ne[A]'s[-] f[F(G)]or jimmy and two more for me
[C]it's something you sell to your self it a[E]bsolves you [F]of your [G]role - accident[C]al...

[C]pardoned the r[G]epeat offenders [A]toll they missed the [F]last week's wake it's [C]cold

[C]fi[-]nd[G] y[-]ou[A]rs[-]el[F]f here now. dance the collapse
[C]those agin[G]g children, [E]they all [F]know the [G]steps

[C]I'[-]m [G]ju[-]st[A] a[-] b[F(G)]ug under the rug under the reap - absent
under the gray under the grief - absent
under the myth under the meek - absent
under courage under caring - absent
understudy understudy - absent
understudy understudy - absent!

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Chord: Dancing the Collapse - Lagwagon - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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