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Weils geils - Das Pack


Tabbed by: aschebescher
E-mail: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard

Nearly all chords use the e- and B-string in the third fret so just keep your
pinky and ringfinger on these strings while changing through G, Cadd9 and D4.
Bm is a barchord which is kinda tricky after the G. If you have problems
playing this, you might wanna play another G instead of Bm. Sounds okay, too.

Chords used:

[G] [Cadd9] [D4] [Bm]


Warum verste[G]cke ich dein [Cadd9]Handy?
Weils ge[D4]ils! Weils ge[G]ils!
Im Afte[Bm]rloch von d[Cadd9]einer Hndin Ma[D4]ndy?
Weils ge[G]ils!

Warum h[G]ab' ich keine Fr[Cadd9]eundin?
Weils ge[D4]ils! Weils ge[G]ils!
Warum h[Bm]tt' ich eigentlich [Cadd9]sehr, sehr gern 'ne Fre[D4]undin?
Weils ge[G]ils!

Warum l[G]auf' ich gegen [Cadd9]Wnde?
Weils ge[D4]ils! Weils ge[G]ils!
Warum d[Bm]enke ich die [Cadd9]Scheie nie zu E[D4]nde?
Weils ge[G]ils!

Refrain (2x):
Ohoh weils [Cadd9]geils!
Weils ge[G]ils!
Weils ge[D4]ils!
Weils ge[G]ils!

Warum sch[G]meie ich die[Cadd9] Uni?
Weils ge[D4]ils! Weils ge[G]ils!
Und ve[Bm]rsaufe dafr [Cadd9]jeden Tag 'nen H[D4]unni?
Weils ge[G]ils!

Warum j[G]ag' ich deine [Cadd9]Katze?
Weils ge[D4]ils! Weils ge[G]ils!
In die L[Bm]uft und [Cadd9]tanze in der Sch[D4]matze?
Weils ge[G]ils!

Repeat the Refrain and end.

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Chord: Weils geils - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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