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Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Roses to No One - Edguy - ( [Am]I'm feeling this t[G]ime [Am]as bad as never be[G]for...)

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[Am]I'm feeling this t[G]ime [Am]as bad as never be[G]fore
[F]A bleeding wag is fading a[Am]way[Em]
[Am]Once you ne[G]eded me f[Am]or spending de[G]light
[F]But below this funny mask there's a cr[Am]ying f[Em]ace

[C]The way that I sm[G]ile is the way that I [Am]cry
But yo[G]u'll never re[F]alize[C][G]
[C]My reput[G]ation is the one of a f[Am]ool
Now [G]watch how a poet d[F]ies
Hear his c[G]ries

[Am]And I dedic[F]ate my roses to no [G]one[C][G]
[Dm]Cause there is no m[A#]ind to help me to s[C]ee[F][G]
[Am]The reason we n[F]eed a light for the l[G]onesome[C][G]
[Dm]And no one to d[A#]rink the blood that I b[C]leed[F][G][Am]

The poet inside wasn't given a chance
So he had to live apart
And I realize my best friend am I
And not those parasites who try to stare
Into my heart

The way that I feel is the way that I heal
My body and soul and my life
And I know you just think I'm a fool
Now watch how a poet flies
See me rise

And I dedicate my roses to no one
Cause there is no mind to help me to see
The reason we need a light for the lonesome
And no one to drink the blood that I bleed

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Hợp âm: Roses to No One - Edguy - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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