Chord/Tab song: Reflections in a Flat

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Reflections in a Flat - ( (Intro C G C G) [C]Oh darling sugar honey[G] [C]When it w...)

(Intro C G C G)
[C]Oh darling sugar honey[G]
[C]When it was nice and sunny[G]
[C]And when I had some money[G]
[C]We would go and see Echo And The Bunny[G] [Am]men.[G][F][G]
[C]Since I was eight I?ve loved you[G]
[C]Through garden gates I?ve shoved you[G]
[C]Then there?s the time I slashed you[G]
[C]And you had to go to hospital[G].[Am][G][F][G]
[C]Now you are gone forever[G]
[C]Shot by your Uncle Trevor[G]
[C]My story seems so tragic[G]
[C]Ali Bongo?s good at contortionism[G].[Am][G][F][G]
Oh [Am]he?s much [G]better than [F]David Nixon [G]ever was
[Am]Woh oh [G]oh [F]oo-[G]ooh.[Am][G][F][G]
[C]Slowly I picked my life up[G]
[C]Now I go and pick the wife up[G]
[C]She works at Marks & Spencer?s[G]
[C]La la la Lech Walesas.[G]
[C]When Cupid threw her last dart[G]
[C]You girl were still in my heart[G]
[C]I love you more than ever[G]
[C]Even though I married Trevor[G].[D][D][G]

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Chord: Reflections in a Flat - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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