Chord/Tab song: Me and Us - Punch Brothers

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Me and Us - Punch Brothers - ( Tabbed by Joe (tabs at stype dot org) Chords: [F#m]BbmM7...)

Tabbed by Joe (tabs at stype dot org)

[F#m]BbmM7 [244222]x1322x
Eb x65343
[Abm]E7 [466444]x7675x
Dm x57765
Bbm 688666
[Gm]Cm [355333]x35543
[F]Em [133211]022000
Am x02210
C/G 332010
EmM7 021000
D xx0232
C#m x46654
Bb x13331

[F#m] [BbmM7]
[Eb] [Abm] [E7] [Dm] [Bbm]
[Eb]We go to bed and you [Abm]fall asleep, [E7]fall asleep, not me,
[Dm]we go to bed and I [Bbm]lie awake, lie awake and
[Eb]float out the window and [Abm]down the street, [E7]over the bridge and
[Dm]into the village for a [Bbm]little break from me, meaning us.

[Eb] [Abm] [E7] [Dm] [Bbm]
[Eb]I float away and you [Abm]disappear, [E7]disappear,
[Dm]some pretty young villager [Bbm]takes my hand and leads me to more
[Eb]pretty young villagers [Abm]forming a ring, [E7]forming a ring around
[Dm]a bonfire built on a [Bbm]line in the sand between me an [Eb]us.

[Eb]Am I [Gm]lost,[Cm] have I [Gm]lost, have they [F]thrown me [Em]on the [Am]fire,
there to [C/G]dance in the [Em]flames, [EmM7]far [D]enough from [C#m]you to[F#m] wonder
[BbmM7]if me still means us.

Eb Abm E7 Dm Bbm (3x - Banjo solo)

[Eb]She leads me to the [Abm]end of the night. A [E7]boyfriend of hers is there.
[Dm]You're on his arm, but our [Bbm]eyes don't meet, our eyes don't meet 'cause
[Eb]we only have eyes for [Abm]fueling the fire,[E7] being melted down and reformed
[Dm]in the image of [Bbm]wilder things, wilder things than us.

[Eb]Are we [Gm]lost,[Cm] have we l[Gm]ost, have they t[F]hrown us o[Em]n the f[Am]ire,
there to [C/G]dance in the [Em]flames, [EmM7]far en[D]ough from on[C#m]e anot[F#m]her.

[F#m] [BbmM7] [F#m] [BbmM7]
We [F#m]fed them to the flames, but they're [BbmM7]just getting colder and [F#m]colder.[BbmM7]
The [F#m]boy's at least half again as [BbmM7]selfish, and the girl's feeling a day
[F#m]older per [Bb]hour,
but there's no [F#m]help for them [BbmM7]now,
because [F#m]together looks good when you're [BbmM7]alone looks good
when you're [F#m]together,[BbmM7]
and it [F#m]takes a village older and [BbmM7]less inclined to say which is [F#m]better to [Bb]say
which would be [F#m]better.[BbmM7]

[Eb] [Abm] [E7] [Dm] [Bbm]

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Chord: Me and Us - Punch Brothers - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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