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Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Glow - ( [Chorus: Kanye West] Watch out for [Dm]me, I'm b[Em]ound ...)

4 years ago1332More Life (2017) Drake
[Chorus: Kanye West]
Watch out for [Dm]me, I'm b[Em]ound to g[F]low
You better w[Dm]atch out for me, I'm b[Em]ound to gl[F]ow

[Verse 1: Kanye West & Drake]
[Dm]Your boy all glowed up
Every t[Em]ime we touch down, bet it [F]go up
'[Dm]Member doin' shows, a[Em]in't nobody s[F]how up
[Dm]Pour your heart out, ai[Em]n't nobody sh[F]ow love
[Dm]They used to laugh when my w[Em]hip was on the t[F]ow truck
'Til [Dm]me and bein' broke f[Em]inally broke [F]up
Watch out fo[Dm]r me, I'm about to glow[Em][F]
[Dm]Time to shake the dice, t[Em]ime to change the l[F]i-i-ight
[Dm]No more 9 to 5, autop[Em]ilot dri-i-[F]ive
[Dm]Used to work the fries, now [Em]we supersi-i-[F]ize
[Dm]We go suit and tie, we gon' [Em]touch the sky-y-[F]y
[Dm]We so certified, we so c[Em]ertifi-i-i[F]ed
[Dm]fk you haters still, t[Em]hat's an F-Y-[F]I-I-I
[Dm]They gon' bang this here [Em]all summerti-[F]i-ime
[Dm]Watch out for me, I'm ab[Em]out to gl[F]ow

[Interlude: Kanye West]
[Dm]Yeah, yeah
[Em]Turn me way up, my voice is r[F]eally low
[Dm]Yeah, yeah, yeah, y[Em]eah, yeah, o[F]kay

[Verse 2: Kanye West & Drake]
[Dm](Watch out) Watch ou[Em]t'why, [F]nigga?
[Dm](The cops out) Co[Em]ps out
It's [F]all love when I ride t[Dm]op down
Top down (I started out [Em]way down low)
[F]Started from the bottom, now we here now
[Dm]Watch out for me, I'm a[Em]bout to [F]glow
[Dm]We about to get the whole nine
The whole nine, we just la[Em]nded on a g[F]old mine
[Dm]We the new Abu Dhabi, t[Em]his is our t[F]ime

[Verse 3: Drake]
[Dm]Watch out for me, I'm a[Em]bout to [F]glow
[Dm]I just take the d[Em]reams I[F]'ve been sold
' Em F
And sell 'em for more, you already know
[Dm]Watch out for me, I'm a[Em]bout to [F]glow

[Verse 4: Kanye West]
[Dm]Hope I deal with karma [Em]'fore my[F] son do
[Dm]'Cause I be drivin' rou[Em]nd this [F]bih with no sunroof
[Dm]Man, the glow got me fe[Em]elin' l[F]ike I'm gunproof

[Verse 5: Drake]
[Dm]Watch out for me, I'm a[Em]bout to [F]glow
[Dm]I still have my guard u[Em]p[F]
Blame this thing I'm p[Dm]art of
Tr[Em]yin' to a[F]void more c[Dm]onfrontation
I just [Em]gotta try ha[F]rder
Takin' the t[Dm]ime to clear my mind
'Cause soon as I'm able to l[Em]et that go[F]

[Chorus: Kanye West]
[Dm]Watch out for me, I'm b[Em]ound to [F]glow

[Outro: Earth, Wind & Fire]
[Dm]Through devotion
[Em]Blessed are the ch[F]ildren
[Dm]We love y'all too!
[Dm]We believe if there's any[Em]thing y'all wanna d[F]o in life
[Dm]You need devotion
Can I [Em]hear right o[F]n?
[Dm]Through devotion
[Em]Blessed are the c[F]hildren
[Dm]We live for it
[Em]Clap your hands and [F]see me
[Dm]Come on, y'all
[Em]I said it's al[F]right
[Dm]Clap your hands and see me
[Em]Come on, y'[F]all

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