Hợp âm - tab: Bass Run - cảm âm - lời bài hát

Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Bass Run - ( Every once[C] in aw[G]hile, I do drift[D] homewards [G] [...)

Every once[C] in aw[G]hile, I do drift[D] homewards [G]
[C]Sometimes I [G]drive, some[D]times I just dream
[C]400 [G]miles in six [D]hard pushing [G]hours
To [C]check on a [G]life that is [D]just out of reach
I [C]think of a [G]child sleeping [D]by open [G]windows
[C]Two miles a[G]way there's this [D]bar on a hill
[C]Playing con[G]junto in[D]to the small [G]hours
It [C]drifts cross the [G]plowed fields and [D]his window sill
[G]I like the so[C]und of a Mexican [G]bass run [D]
[G]I like the fee[C]l that it puts [G]in my bones [D]
[G]Sometimes I wonder [C]how I ever got her[G]e [D]
[G]I'm just try[C]ing to get home[D]
I traded rattlers and scorpions for roaches
And wide open spaces for a job that pays good
Now as I sit here in Traffic in Stressville
I wonder if I'm being paid what I should
I think of a girl and I can see her face plain
Dark eyes in moonlight but her name just escapes
You never forget the feel of the first time
Does it suprise you to hear me say?
I've got this friend he's a lawyer in Dallas
His folks grow potatoes out panhandle way
He talks of Bob Wills and Playboys and Turkeys
Off come his wing tips and boots take their place

He likes the sound of a Mexican bass run
I like the feel that it puts in my bones
Sometimes I wonder how I ever got here
I'm just trying to get home
We like the sound of a bass run
We like the feel that it puts in our bones
Sometimes we wonder how we got here
How the hell are we gonna get home?

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Hợp âm: Bass Run - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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