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CD: Untamed
Writer: Tim Hunt

CAPO 1 !!

D5 -------------------NO GUITARS-------------

All things considered I am doing just fine


Even though you left a hole the size of Texas deep inside


Of my heart The way I feel I should be losin' my mind but

-------------------- G5 --------------------

All things considered.....I'm doing just fine

[D] [G/B] [C]
[D] [G/B] [C] [G]


[A]Woke up this morni[D/F#]ng to t[G]he sound of you slamming the door[A][D/F#][G]
[D]I got served[A] a piece of pap[D/F#]er for[G] breakfast that said
[A]You don't live h[D/F#]ere no [G]more
[D] [A] [D/F#] [G][A][D/F#]
[G] and the dog won't let me pet him he just lays around and growls at my feet
[D] then the pa[A]perboy forgot m[D/F#]e again[G]/ I should'v[Em7]e stayed in[D/F#] bed asle[G]ep[A]

[D]All things considered I am[A] doing just fine
Even [C]though you left a hole the size of t[G]exas deep inside of my heart[D]
The way I'm feelin should be l[A]osin my mind but
[C]All thin[G]gs [C]considered [G5]I am doing just fine

[D] [G/B] [C]
[D]Verse [G/B]2[C][G]

(same chord progressions as verse one)
My car broke down again just before it ran out of gas

and my boss is still ringing in my head:

"one more time and you're out on your", yeah

Well, I can't wait until the five o clock whistle blows

So i can sit in traffic all day and end up going home alone.

Chorus , Instrumenta (play verse's chords again) , Chorus (similar to intro

[G]I'm doing just fi[D]ne[G/B][C]

[D] [G/B] [C] [G] [D]
transcribed by Jason herndon , Chattanooga Tn
any questions email to ms614803@aol.com

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