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a year ago270 Tom Jones
#Its not Unusual - Tom Jones byPetehoven
#Intro: C Dm C Dm
[Cmaj7]It's not unusual to be lo[Dm]ved by an[G]yone
[Cmaj7]It's not unusual to have [Dm]fun with anyone
[Em]but when I see you hanging a[Dm]bout with anyone
[G]It's not unusual to s[C]ee me cry and I [Dm]wanna d[G]ie

[Cmaj7]It's not unusual to go o[Dm]ut at any tim[G]e
[Cmaj7]But when I see you out and a[Dm]bout it's such a crime
[Em]If you should ever want to be lo[Dm]ved by anyone
[G]It's not unusual it ha[C]ppens every day
[Dm]No matter what you say
[G]You'll find it happens all the [C]time
[C]Love will never do
[Dm]What you want it to
G DmEm-Dis aug-Dm-G
Why can't this crazy love be mine

Solo: Em Dm G Em Dm G

[Cmaj7]It's not unusual to be [Dm]mad with an[G]yone
[Cmaj7]It's not unusual to be [Dm]sad with anyone
[Em]but if I ever find that you've c[Dm]hanged at any time
GC Dm Em Dm Em...
It's not unusual to find out I'm in love with you
Em Dm Em Dm Em ...Fade out
whoa whoa whoa whoa

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Chord: Its Not Unusual - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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