Chord/Tab song: Havana Gang Brawl - The Zutons

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Havana Gang Brawl - The Zutons - ( Intro: strum Gm |--------------------------------| |---...)

Intro: strum Gm


Verse 1:
Well the [Gm]cops are at the door
And you know that they want more
They've got spears, made for arms
Tried to lure you with their charms
You can [Em]hear the guns outside
Watching [Gm]riots with their eyes
As you [Em]move from wall to wall
Hear the [Gm]siren from the gang brawl
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Verse 2:
Line the [Gm]locals one by one
Filling bullets with their guns
Are you red, or if you're blue
Cause tonight their gonna find the truth
Take no [Em]prisoners today
For the [Gm]future will be laid
One big [Em]city, one big town
Every[Gm]one with the same crown

Havana [A#m]Gang Br[Gm]awl
Havana [A#m]Gang Br[Gm]awl
Havana [A#m]Gang Br[A#]awl
Oh where will you sleep [Gm]tonight?
Oh where will you sleep tonight?

Verse 3:
A doomed old [Gm]day for engagements
They have torn up your arrangements
All the mothers, buying razors
For the future will be dangerous
You try [Em]desperately to leave
But all the [Gm]trains are dry for steam
All the [Em]taxis on their sides
All the [Gm]planes are burning bright

Verse 4:
Only [Gm]one option left
To survive or you'll be dead
Do you hide now from the sin
Or do your blazing guns begin?
All the [Em]shops are up for sale
You might [Gm]make it out on bail
All the [Em]fathers shine today
Making [Gm]sure that son's ok

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
Chorus instrumental
Verse 4
Chorus (+where will u sleep x2)

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Chord: Havana Gang Brawl - The Zutons - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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