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Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Blue Alert - ( Wasn't posted on this site yet, hats off to whomever made...)

Wasn't posted on this site yet, hats off to whomever made the base for this i just
modified it slightly. I believe its based around the piano cover Anjani Thomas did. Written
by Leonard Cohen

Am - x02210
Am7M x02110
Am7 -x02010
Am6 -5x6650
Bm7 -023230
E7 - 020100
D7 - x00212
Dm7 -x00211

(intro) Am Am7M Am7 Am7M

[Am]There's perfume burning [Am7M]in the air
[Am7]Bits of beauty [Am6]everywhere
[Bm7]Shrapnel flying, s[E7]oldier hit the d[Am7]irt[Bm7][E7]
[Am]She comes so close you f[Am7M]eel her then[Am7]
She tells you [Am6]no and no again
[Bm7]Your lip is cut [E7]on the edge
Of her [D7]pleated skirt[E7]

Blue A[Am]lert[Am7M][Am7][Am7M]
[Am]Visions of her d[Am7M]rawing near
[Am7]Arise, abide, and disapp[Am6]ear
[Bm7]You try to slow it dow[E7]n it doesn't wor[Am7]k
[Bm7] [E7]
[Am]It's just another n[Am7M]ight I guess
[Am7]All tangled up in n[Am6]akedness
[Bm7]You even touch you[E7]rself you're such a fli[D7]rt
[Bm7] Bl[E7]ue Alert[Am7][Am7M]

[Dm7]You know how n[E7]ights like this be[Am7]gin
The kind of knot your h[D7]eart gets in
[Dm7]Any way you t[E7]urn is going to h[Am7]urt[D7]

[Dm7]There's perfume b[E7]urning in the air
[Am7]Bits of beauty e[D7]verywhere
[Dm7]Shrapnel flying, s[E7]oldier hit the d[D7]irt[E7]
Blue Al[Am]ert[Am7M][Am7][Am7M]

[Am]She breaks the r[Am7M]ules so you can see[Am7]
She's wilder t[Am6]han you'll ever be
[Bm7]You talk rel[E7]igion but she w[Am7]on't convert[E7]

[Am]Her body's twenty [Am7M]stories high
[Am7]You try to look aw[Am6]ay, you try
[Bm7]But all you want to [E7]do is get there [D7]first[E7]
Blue Al[Am]ert[Am7M]

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Hợp âm: Blue Alert - cảm âm, tab guitar, ukulele - lời bài hát
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