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#Words and Music by Harry Chapin
#I tabbed out the intro for Harry Chapin's epic song "Sniper" off his second album.
#(CAPO 3)
#standard tuning
#Intro: (played fast, repeat a couple times)


#then play this once, and the first intro again:


[A]It is an e[Em]arly M[G]onday mo[F]rning.

[A]The sun is be[Em]coming bri[G]ght on the l[C]and.

[A]No one is wa[Em]tching as [G]he comes a wa[F]lking.

[C]Two bulky suit[G]cases ha[D]ng from his h[A]ands.

[A]He heads towards the tow[Em]er that sta[G]nds in the c[F]ampus.

[A]He goes through the d[Em]oor, he st[G]arts up the st[C]airs.

[A]The sound of his f[Em]ootsteps, the so[G]und of his bre[F]athing,

[C]The sound of the s[G]ilence but n[D]o one was t[A]here.

[D][-][Am] [-][D][-][Am]

[D]I didn't really k[Am]now him.

[D]He was kind of s[Am]trange.

[D]Always sort of [Am]sat there.

[D]He never seemed to cha[Am]nge.[C][-][Em] [-][A]

[A]He reached the c[Em]atwalk. He [G]put done his [F]burden.

[A]The four sided c[Em]lock beg[G]an to ch[C]ime.

[A]Seven [Em]AM, the d[G]ay is beg[F]inning.

[C]So much to [G]do and s[D]o little t[A]ime.

[A]He looks at the c[Em]ity where n[G]o one had kn[F]own him.

[A]He looks at the [Em]sky where no o[G]ne looks do[C]wn.

[A]He looks at his l[Em]ife and w[G]hat it has sh[F]own him.

[C]He looks for his sh[G]adow it c[D]annot be fo[A]und.

[D][-][Am] [-][D][-][Am]

[D]He was such a mo[Am]ody child,

[D]very hard to tou[Am]ch.

[D]Even as a ba[Am]by

[D]he never smiled too m[Am]uch.

[C]No no.[F#m] No no.

[F#m]You bug me, she said.

[F#m]Your ugly, she said.

[F#m]Please hug me, I said.

But she just sa[G]t there

[Bm]With the same flat stare

That she sa[G]ves for me alo[Em]ne

[Bm]When I'm home.

When I'm home[G].

[A]Take me home.

[A]He laid out the rif[Em]les, [G]he loaded [F]the shotgun,

[A]He stacked up the ca[Em]rtridges a[G]long the [C]wall.

[A]He knew he would[Em] need them [F]for his[G] conversation.

[C]If it went as it he pl[G]anned, then he m[D]ight use them a[A]ll.

[A]He said Listen you p[Em]eople I[G]'ve got a [F]question

[A]You won't pay at[Em]tention but I'll [G]ask an[C]yhow.

[A]I found a w[Em]ay that will ge[G]t me an ans[F]wer.

[C]Been waiting to a[G]sk you 'till n[D]ow.

[A]Right now!

[A]Am I?

[A]I am a lo[Em]ver whose ne[G]ver been ki[F]ssed.

[A]Am I?

[A]I am a fi[Em]ghter whose n[G]ot made a f[F]ist.

[A]Am I?

[A]If I'm a[Em]live then there's [G]so much I've mis[F]sed.

[C]How do I kn[G]ow I ex[A]ist?

[A]Are you listening to me?

[A]Are you listening to me?

[A]Am I?

[Am] [-][Am/G] [-][Am] [-][Am/G]

[A]The first words he s[Em]poke took the t[G]own by su[F]rprise.

[A]One got Mrs. Gib[Em]bons ab[G]ove her right e[F]ye.

[A]It blew her through the wi[Em]ndow wedged h[G]er against the do[F]or.

[C]Reality poured f[G]rom her face, st[D]aining the fl[A]oor.

[D][-][Am] [-][D][-][Am]

[D]He was kind of c[Am]reepy,

[D]Sort of a [Am]dunce.

[D]I met him at the c[Am]orner bar.

[D]I only dated the p[Am]oor boy once,

That's a[C]ll. Just o[Em]nce, that was a[A]ll.

[A]Bill Whedon was questioned as stepped from his car.

[A]Tom Scott ran across the street but he never got that far.

[A]The police were there in minutes, they set up baricades.

[C]He spoke right on over them in a hal[G]f-mile circle.

In a d[D]umb struck city his poin[C]ted qu[Em]estions were s[Am]prayed.

[Am] [-][Am/G] [-][Am] [-][Am/G]

[Am]He knocked over Danny Tyson as he ran towards the noise.

[Am]Just about then the answers started comming. Sweet, sweet joy.

[Am]Thudding in the clock face, whining off the walls,

[Am]Reaching up to where he sat there, answering calls.

[Am]Thirty-seven people got his message so far.

[Am]Yes, he was reaching them right were they are.

[A]They set up an assault team. They asked for volunteers.

[A]They had to go and get him, that much was clear.

[A]And the word spread about him on the radios and TV's.

CGD (optional)
In appropriately sober tone they asked "Who can it be?"

[D][-][Am] [-][D][-][Am]

[D]He was a very dull b[Am]oy,

[D]very ta[Am]citurn.

[D]Not much of a joine[Am]r,

[D]he did not want to l[Am]earn.

c F#m
No no.No no.

[F#m]They're coming to get me, they don't want to let me

[F#m]Stay in the bright light too lon[G]g.

[F#m]It's getting on noon now, it's goin to be soon now.

[F#m]But oh, what a wonderful sou[G]nd!

[G]Mama, won't you nurse me?

[Em]Rain me down the sw[C]eet milk of your ki[A7]ndness.

[G]Mama, it's getting worse for me.

[Em]Won't you please m[C]ake me warm and min[A7]dless?

[G]Mama, yes you have cursed me.

I n[Em]ever will for[C]give you for your bli[A7]ndness.

[Bm]I hate you!

[A]The wires are all humming for me.

[A]And I can hear them coming for me.

[A]Soon they'll be here, but there's nothing to fear.

[A]Not any more though they've blasted the door.

[Am] [-][Am/G] [-][Am] [-][Am/G]

[Am]As the copter dropped the gas he shouted "Who cares?" .

[Am]They could hear him laughing as they started up the stairs.

[Am]As they stormed out on the catwalk, blinking at the sun,

With t[Em]heir final fusillade his an[G]swer had co[Em]me.

[Em] [-][Em/F#][-][Em/G] [-][Em/Ab]

[A]Am I?

[A]There is no way that y[Em]ou can hide me.

[A]Am I?

[A]Though you have put your [Em]fire inside me.

[A]Am I?

[A]You've given me my answ[Em]er can't you s[A]ee?[C#m]

[Bm]I was!

[G]I am!

and [Em]now I Will [C]Be

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