Chord/Tab song: 40 oz. to Freedom - Sublime

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: 40 oz. to Freedom - Sublime - ( I noticed there were no good options for people looking f...)

I noticed there were no good options for people looking for the chords to this song so I
watched a live version of the song and have put together this little simplified version
of the song. Those who are familiar should not have much trouble making it sound good.

Also remember that Bradley was usually so messed up that he changed stuff up all the
time so I sometimes add D (x57775) after Eb when I feel it appropriate.

G: 355433
C: x35553
Eb: x68886
Bb: x13331

Intro: G, G, C, Eb

You got your [G]hair permed,
you got your r[C]ed dress o[Eb]n,
screamin' that seco[G]nd beer was such a turn-[C]on.[Eb]
and the [G]fog forming on my window
[Bb]tells me that the m[C]ornings here
and[G] you'll be gone before too long...[C][Eb]
Who taught you th[G]ose new tricks?
Damn, I [C]shouldn't start that [Eb]talk?
but li[G]fe is one big question when your star[C]in' at the clo[Eb]ck.
[G] [Bb][C]
.[G]..and the answer so is waiting at the liqour store, 40oz to freedom
so I take that walk[C]
And I k[Eb]now that
[G]oooh[Bb]hh.... [C]I'm not goin' back
[G]ohhh[Bb]hhhh, no[C]t going back
[G]ohh, God [Bb]knows, [C]I'm not go[G]ing back

Repeat with that basic formula.

This is just a basic structure, and remember that the song has an uptempo style so the
song sounds best with upstrokes on the upbeat. Have fun!

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Chord: 40 oz. to Freedom - Sublime - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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