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Nena Daconte

Nena Daconte
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Nena Daconte (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈnena ðaˈkonte]) is a Spanish pop band created and led by singer and composer Mai Meneses in Barcelona circa 2005. The band takes its name inspired by a character from the short story "The Trail Of Your Blood On The Snow", by Gabriel García Márquez.

"The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow" depicts the opposite extreme of the social spectrum. Billy Sanchez, the spoiled son of a rich Colombian, is honeymooning with his bride, Nena Daconte, in Europe, when the girl inexplicably pricks herself with a thorn and bleeds to death. When the wound initially occurs, Billy is too self-absorbed to pay much attention, but he finally realizes that something is seriously wrong and deposits his young wife in a hospital in Paris.

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