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2 months ago25 Diamond Rio
"Your Gone"
Diamond Rio
Song writer:Vesner/Williams
transcribed by:Donald Mynes Jr.

[Am]I said hello I think i'm [F]broken,
and though [G]i was only [Em]jokin
[F]it took me by [F]surprise when you [G]agreed

[Am]I was tryn to be c[F]lever
For the [G]life of me I [Em]never
would have [F]guessed how far
the [F]simple truth would [E]lead
[F]You knew all my lies
[F]You knew all my tricks
[Am]You knew how to h[G]eal that pain
no [F]medicine could f[G]ix
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[C]And I bless the day I met you
[F]And I thank god that he let you
Lay [C]beside me for a [Em]moment that lives[F] on
[Am]and the good news is I'm [G]better for
the [F]time we spent [E]together
And the [Dm]bad news i[G]s your go[Am]ne

[Am]Lookin back its still [F]surprisin
[G]I was sinkin,you were [Em]rising
[F]with a look you caught me in [G]mid-air
[Am]now I know god has his [F]reasons
but [G]sometimes it hard to [Em]see them
when [F]I awake and [F]find that your not [E]there

[F]You found hope in hopeless
[F]You made crazy sane
[Am]You became the [G]missing link
that [F]helped me break my [G]chain

[G] [F]The bad news is [G]Your Gone

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Chord: You’re Gone - Diamond Rio - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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