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Cảm âm, tablature, hợp âm, tabs guitar, ukulele, lời bài hát: Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen - ([C]She'll let you in her [Am7]house, if you come [Fmaj7]knoc...)

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[C] [Fmaj7] [C] [Fmaj7]
[C]She'll let you in her [Am7]house, if you come [Fmaj7]knocking late at [Am]night
[C]She'll let you in her [Am7]mouth, if the [Fmaj7]words you say are [Am]right
[C]If you pay the [Am7]price, [Fmaj7]she'll let you deep in[Am]side;
there's a [C]sec[G]ret [Am]gar[G]den she [C]hides
[Fmaj7] [Am7] [C]
[C]She'll let you in her [Am7]car, [Fmaj7]to go driving a[Am]round
[C]She'll let you into [Am7]parts of herself, [Fmaj7]that'll bring you [Am]down
[C]She'll let you in her [Am7]heart, if you [Fmaj7]got a hammer and a [Am]vice;
but into the [C]sec[G]ret [Am]gar[G]den, don't [C]think twice
[C] [Fmaj7] [C] [Fmaj7]
[Am]You've gone a [Fmaj7]million miles, [C]how far'd you [G]get?
[Am]To that place where you [Fmaj7]can't remember, [C]and you can't for[G]get
[C]She'll lead you down a [Am7]path, there'll be [Fmaj7]tenderness in the [Am]air
[C]She'll let you come just [Am7]far enough, [Fmaj7]so you know she's really [Am]there
[C]She'll look at you and [Am7]smile, [Fmaj7]and her eyes will [Am]say
[C]She's got a secret [Am7]garden, [Fmaj7]where everything you [Am]want,
[C]Where everything you [Am]need,
will always [Am7]stay, a [C]mill[G]ion [Am]miles [G]aw[C]ay.
[C] [Fmaj7] [C] [Fmaj7] (2x)

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