Chord/Tab song: Hard Luck Man - Cast Iron Filter

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Hard Luck Man
By Cast Iron Filter
rmofle at

There's some quick changes I don't have 100% down but
this is pretty darn close!!...Larry

Capo 4 (to play along with recording)

I'm a [D]hard luck man with a [A]bad luck story
On an [G]out-of-luck Friday, got nowhere to be
The [D]interstate flying, got my [A]last buck and smiling
I don't [G]give a fk who's buying 'cause you're coming with me
So [Bm]baby take me anywhere, [A]we can go downtown
[D]In your leopard underwear, [G]loud and with the top down
[Bm]Two in the morning and we're [A]burning up the 50[D]3, [G]hey, hey, hey
And [Bm]maybe I just want a little [D]running around
[G]Maybe I done lost what I [A]thought I found
But [D]maybe [A]that's just [Gm]me

'Cause I'm a [D]hard luck man, with a [A]bad luck story
And the [G]night gets so thick, it's so hard to see
My [D]heart's still groaning, spent my [A]last buck this morning
But I [G]stay awake knowing you're the one for me
So [Bm]baby don't you leave me 'cause I [A]think I'd die
[D]Sun's out bleeding all a[G]cross the sky
I'm [Bm]sitting all alone in our [A]empty room
Feel your [D]manner, hear your voice, smell your [G]cheap perfume

[D]Baby I don't love you, [A]baby I don't love you but
[G]Baby I could take you down with me
[D]Baby I'm crying, [A]baby I'm dying
I'm [G]on my knees honey can't you see, ye[D]ah

Got my [Bm]collar turned up, 'cause the [A]night gets cold
A little [D]shake in my voice, praying [G]it's gonna hold,
Look me [Bm]dead in the eyes and tell me [A]this ain't how it's gonna [D]be
Baby maybe do you [Bm]think it'd be alright if I [A]stayed tonight
Maybe [G]we could work it out if you [A]turn out the light
But [D]maybe [A]that just can't [Gm]be, yeah

'Cause I'm a [D]hard luck man, with a [A]bad luck story
And a [G]tired-out heart, too damn broke to see
Got [D]half the tapes from Dixieland and [A]still no sense of glory
I [G]think that there's a sign there ain't no hope for me but
[D]Baby how I love you, [A]baby how I love
Won't yo[G]u hold on tight, go up in flames with me baby
To[D]gether we'll be cryin[A]g til the day we're dying
Won't you [G]take my hand and come and cry with me
I'm just a [D]hard luck man on a [A]twelve month stand
Now you [G]ask me who I am - And that st ain't free

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