Chord/Tab song: God, Family and Country - Craig Morgan

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: God, Family and Country - Craig Morgan - ( INTRO: Cadd9, C/B, D, Cadd9, G, Cadd9, D [G]He grew up i...)

INTRO: Cadd9, C/B, D, Cadd9, G, Cadd9, D

[G]He grew up in a [D/F#]time,
When a [Cadd9]third-grade edu[C/B]cation,
Was [Cadd9]all the school you ne[C/B]eded,
To w[Am7]ork the family fa[D]rm.
He'd t[G]ake time off on Su[D/F#]nday,
[Cadd9]Him and all his fa[C/B]mily,
[Am]warm a pew,
C/B Cadd9 (FILL 1) G
And give thanks to the Lord.

T[Cadd9]here was no g[C/B]ray, only bl[Am7]ack and wh[C/B]ite.
Didn't[Cadd9] need no-one to [C/B]tell him,
What was w[A7]rong or ri[D]ght.
'Cause he had[Cadd9] God, Fami[D]ly, and C[Cadd9]ountry[G].[Cadd9][D]

[G]He set aside his p[D/F#]low,
[Cadd9]In early 1[C/B]940,
S[Cadd9]aid goodbye to his s[C/B]mall town,
And put [A7]on the Army gr[D]een.
H[G]ard Times on the front l[D/F#]ines,
[Cadd9]Writin' letters on wet p[C/B]aper,
A7 C/B C (FILL 1) G
Not one word about the awful things he'd seen.

[Cadd9]His was a gene[C/B]ration,
That an[A7]swered without q[C/B]uestion.
They k[Cadd9]new they had to [C/B]win,
'Cause they were f[A7]ightin' f[D]or...
[Cadd9]God, F[D]amily, and [Cadd9]Countr[G]y.[Cadd9][G]

(BREAK CHORDS)- Am, C/B, Cadd9, D, Cadd9, D

[G]On the coffee t[D/F#]able,
[Cadd9]Sits the family B[C/B]ible,
[Cadd9]Where just last year he a[C/B]dded,
A little boy [A7]to the family t[D]ree.

T[G]here's the folded flag they [D/F#]gave us,
[Cadd9]On the day he l[C/B]eft us.
But the th[A7]ing that I remember [Am]most,
Is the w[A7]ay that [D]he...


In[Cadd9] God, Fa[D]mily, and [Cadd9]Countr[G]y...
Ohhh, we've got [Cadd9]God...
(FILL 1)
And Country......



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Chord: God, Family and Country - Craig Morgan - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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