Chord/Tab song: Diner - The Nadas

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Diner - The Nadas - ( [G] She works in the diner for hard [D]pay [G] A picture ...)

[G] She works in the diner for hard [D]pay
[G] A picture of her daughter gets her
through the [D]day [G]She's a pretty girl
who never [D]smiles [G]She refills my
coffee [D]I've been here for a while
[Em]Nail down the [G]windows [D]tight bring the
[A]dogs insid[Em]e there's a storm building[G] up
behin[D]d building up behi[A]nd you and me
tonight [A]everything will be all right just

[D]close the doo[A]r and [G]shades
[G]stay with me sweetly
[D]I can't g[A]o [G]away
[G]stay with me swe[D]etly

[G]Like gravity on ankles and tired [D]on eyes
[G] A dead weight strangles she's[D] given up tonight
[Em]Let the firelight [G]warm your ey[D]es dance
with me [A]barefoot [Em]tonight there's a storm
[G]building up behin[D]d building up be[A]hind
you and me tonight [A]everything's gonna be all right just

Solo - for acoustic its verse.

From here, just follow the pattern as before with rest of song:

She works in the diner it's what it
take She walks around barefoot
dances through her breaks lost years
of smiles replaced cut the rope dead
weight A storm is about to break
about to break the clouds in two for a
full moon moon shining light on you


Stay with me sweetly (repeated)


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Chord: Diner - The Nadas - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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