Chord/Tab song: Come Winter - Daphne Loves Derby

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Come Winter - Daphne Loves Derby - ( Verse: D - G - Bm - G After Verse: A - G Slow Ending: Bm ...)

Verse: D - G - Bm - G
After Verse: A - G
Slow Ending: Bm -G - Bm - G
Ending: Bm- D - G - A)

Verse x2
After Verse x4
Verse (no singing)x1
Verse x2
Slow Ending x1
Ending x4

The First Day of fall[D] is the last day I'll ki[G]ss the sky
[Bm]The cold air surprises my bones have been spoiled by the summ[G]er's heat
The sun hides its [D]face, and I'll hide mine too[G]
[Bm]Sooner or later this winter will rain down and leav[G]e me to wait for one year.
[A]I'll be t[G]here, I'[A]ll be the[G]re
[A]Next year this time,[G] I'll be there
[A]I'll dream of the past, a[G]nd wish that I was there.


I am bur[D]ning the letters of days g[G]one by
I'm sor[D]ry, but I'm scared that my heart will reg[G]ret all the things that I've done
Breat[D]he in all of the ashes of my [G]mistakes.
Gent[Bm]ly collapse so no one will notice you're falling t[G]oo short of your breath.
[Bm]I've wasted more time dreami[G]ng than living.
[Bm]I've wasted more time[G] dreaming...
[Bm]I'll be ther[D]e, I[G]'ll be th[A]ere
[Bm]So cherish these days, enjoy every breath like i[D]t will be the last of your life.
[G]And never look back, and never look back
[A]Because you won't forget why you cried.

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Chord: Come Winter - Daphne Loves Derby - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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