Chord/Tab song: Can't Give You More - Status Quo

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Status Quo
RAOTW 1977,Rock Til You Drop 1991

Rumour has it that the addition of the "oh oh oh"
part in the '91 recording was because the
song was going to be used for a Perrier water
advert that got pulled.
On the early releases of the single,
the track was named 'Can't Give You More (Au Au Au)'
Francis Rossi also performed this on
his solo tour in 2010 in Bb maybe due
to the original vocal now being to high to sing comfortably.



"oh oh oh oh"

(The End Of The Intro Is Used On All The "oh oh oh oh"s)

Oh, oh, [G]oh, can't give yo[F]u more
Can't give any m[C]ore
Oh, oh, [G]oh, can't give you m[F]ore
Ain't got any m[C]ore

[G]Now you know this a[F]in't the kind of l[C]ife for you
It's n[F]ot the way you th[G]ought that it would [C]be
If [Am]I could change my w[G]ay to you
If [Am]I could change, it wouldn't be [G]me
And you [G7]see[F]

[(F)]I know I n[G]ever tried the th[C]ings I should have d[Am]one
[F]Oh and time is a[G]lways passing [C]by
[F]I want to [G]do the things I n[C]ever done be[Am]fore
So I [F]do try not to t[G]ell a lie
When I'm [F]so low, when I'm [G]so high
Yet you c[F]ry when I say [G]I can't give you m[C]ore


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