Chord/Tab song: Angelina - The Bravery

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Angelina - The Bravery - ( Intro ? G Bm C 2x Oh Angelina[Am] You [C]are the sun and ...)

Intro ? G Bm C 2x
Oh Angelina[Am]
You [C]are the sun and the moon[G]
Every s[Am]ong I ever sang, I[C] stole it from you[G]
I knew that [Am]nothing could tear us apart, I [C]never even gave it a second thoug[G]ht
I was so [F]sure and I was wrong, Now every single thing I ever had is gon[C]e
Not[G]hing here is set in [Bm]stone
Nothi[C]ng's ever set in stone
Ev[G]erything I have some d[Bm]ay will fall apart and [C]fade away
Intro 1x
Oh Angelin[Am]a
I [C]learned my lesson this ti[G]me
I [Am]took you for granted for s[C]o long And now I just wanna die[G]
Ev[Am]ery thing I ever got, I nev[C]er even gave it a second th[G]ought
I was s[F]o sure, I was so sure - Now there's only one thing I kn[C]ow for sure

chorus 1x
Am ? C ? G ? F ? C

chorus 2x
No[F]thing here is ever set i[C]n stone[G]

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Chord: Angelina - The Bravery - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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