Chord/Tab song: Angel - Unbelievable Truth

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Angel by Unbelievable Truth


[D]we buil[Dsus]t the window[Dsus6]s high
[D]said it[Dsus] would last [Dsus6]forever
[D]stare a[Dsus]ll night at [Dsus6]the empty sky
[D]keep hi[Dsus]s thoughts t[Dsus6]ogether

[Em]to see the ang[Gm6]el once again[D][Dsus][Dsus6]

[D]she cam[Dsus]e to him bac[Dsus6]k when
[D]his lif[Dsus]e was full o[Dsus6]f promise
[D]he swor[Dsus]e he had all[Dsus6] he needed then
[D]he swor[Dsus]e it would l[Dsus6]ast forever.

[Em]to see t[Gm6]he angel [D]once ag[Dsus]ain. [Dsus6]

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Chord: Angel - Unbelievable Truth - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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