Chord/Tab song: All Around You - Sturgill Simpson

Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: All Around You - Sturgill Simpson - ( Intro/interlude [A] [-] [F#m] [A] [-] [F#m] Verse 1 [A...)

[A] [-] [F#m]
[A] [-] [F#m]

Verse 1
[A]There will be days when the sun won't shine
When it [E]seems like the whole world is a[A]gainst you
[(A)]Don't be afraid, Life is unkind
You can [E]let go of the pain if you c[A]hoose to

Chorus 1
'Cause time slips [F#m]away, Skies fall a[A]part
Revealing to [F#m]all a un[A]iversal heart
[D]Glowing, [E]flowing, all [F#m]around you

[A] [-] [F#m]

Verse 2
There will be [A]nights that go on forever
Like you're [E]long-lost at sea never to be [A]found
[(A)]Just know in your heart that we're always together
And [E]long after I'm gone I'll still be [A]around

Chorus 2
'Cause our bond is [F#m]eternal and so is [A]love
God is [F#m]inside you all around you and up [A]above
[D]Knowing, [E]showing, you [F#m]the way

[D] [-] [Bm] [-] [A] [-] [F#m]
[D] [-] [E] [-] [Bm] [-] [D] [-] [A]
Time slips [F#m]away, Skies fall [A]apart
It ain't too [F#m]hard, A universal [A]heart
[D]Glowing, [E]flowing, all [F#m]around you

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Chord: All Around You - Sturgill Simpson - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele
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