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Amy Studt

Amy Studt
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Amy Jane Studt (born 22 March 1986) is an English singer, songwriter and musician. Growing up in a musical family, with her father a violinist and conductor who had toured with Roy Orbison, and her mother a pianist. Studt began writing music at the age of 6, teaching herself piano, guitar, and oboe. At 12 years old she contracted the rare bone disease osteomyelitis in her hip, leaving her bedridden. Studt used this time to hone her craft, and two years later, with the advice of her dad, she recorded her first 2 demo albums which would go on to get her signed to Polydor. Studt released her first single "Just a Little Girl" in July 2002. It was followed almost a year later by "Misfit", which came to be her highest charting single in the UK at Number 6. The same month her debut album False Smiles appeared selling over 260,000 copies going Gold. Late 2003 and early 2004 two more singles were released, "Under the Thumb" and "All I Wanna Do" respectively, but only to diminishing sales that caused Polydor to drop Studt in February 2004 all before her 18th birthday. From then until the end of 2006, Studt stayed out of the public eye. But in 2007 it was announced that she was working on a new album, now with the Indie label 19 Entertainment. She released her first single Furniture (song) followed by Chasing the Light and the album, My Paper Made Men, was issued on 5 May 2008 In early 2009 Amy moved to New York City and on her return began building a recording studio and continued writing and recording. She went quiet from 2009 till 2017 after suffering a nervous breakdown at only 22 years old and being diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar and a non-associative anxiety disorder along with other physical illnesses that plagued her 20s. After three hospitalisations and recovery from addiction she wrote about her experiences with suffering, illness and heartbreak. “..but ultimately survival and hope.” which she explains she put into her songwriting for her soon to come 3rd album. In 2017 Studt announced she had been working with Toby Kid from Hatcham Social and released two teaser songs from her soon to come third album, ’I Was Jesus In Your Veins’ and ’Different Colour Pills’.

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